Cat fungal skin infection: how to recognize it and treat it

Your cat’s once-majestic fur is looking a little worse for wear, and they seem to be licking, scratching, and biting themselves non-stop, so it seems to be time for a little trip to the veterinarian’s office. After an examination and a few tests, your veterinarian told you that your cat has Malassezia dermatitis. To best help your furry friend, it’s important that you understand what this fungal infection is and how the treatments work.

Help! How do I get rid of my cat’s dandruff?

When you think of dandruff, what comes to mind? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not on cats! Nevertheless, our furry friends can also suffer from this unsightly condition, for a myriad of reasons, even if it is quite uncommon. It can be due to some easy-to-solve causes but can sometimes be an early warning sign for serious health issues, so it’s important you learn how to treat cat dandruff at the source.