Your Vet Wants You To Know

Do you own a pet? Do you take them to the vet? Do you ever worry that you aren’t getting all of the information you want from your veterinarian in the 10-20 minutes of face time you have with them each appointment?

Dr. Brittany Lancellotti, who is a case and content contributor for the veterinarian side of Dermavet US, has a podcast and website helping pet owners better understand things that their veterinarians want them to understand about their pets, and animals in general. While Dr. Lacellotti is a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, the podcast topics are not limited to dermatology, and range from skin conditions and medications, to nutrition and toxins, to home care, fear-free, and even better communication with your veterinarian.

Many of the contributors from the Dermavet team have been guests on her podcasts, and there are plenty of valuable derm tidbits on her website and podcast episodes. We hope you enjoy this valuable resource as much as we do!

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